NBA Assorted Activities: 2K Tourney and H-O-R-S-E

While the sports world may be frozen for the most part, the NBA is doing their best to keep America entertained while we are in quarantine.

The NBA has gotten creative, implementing things like the NBA2K Tourney, and a H-O-R-S-E tournament which will debut Sunday.

The NBA2K Tourney is now in the quaterfinal round with these matchups starting Tuesday evening at 7PM ET.

These are the 2K matchups:

Trae Young (2) vs. Deandre Ayton (10)

Devin Booker (5) vs. Rui Hachimura (13)

Andre Drummond (6) vs. Patrick Beverley (14)

Derrick Jones Jr. (16) vs. Montrezl Harrell (8)

The tournament was seeded by the individual player’s 2K ratings. Each player can only use a team once. So for example, Devin Booker who chose the Bucks in the first round, cannot use that team for the rest of the tournament. The winner of the tournament will be able to donate $100,000 to a coronavirus related charity of their choice.

Additionally, the NBA and ESPN are hosting a H-O-R-S-E competition, where current players, WNBA players, and former NBA players will compete virtually for the title of the best HORSE shooter.

The bracket is:

Trae Young(ATL) vs former player Chauncey Billups; WNBA player and 2020 Basketball Hall of Famer Tamika Catchings against Mike Conley(Jazz); Zach LaVine(CHI) versus former NBA player Paul Pierce; and Chris Paul(OKC) facing Allie Quigley of the Chicago Sky.

Players in this competition must call their shots beforehand, and sadly for Zach LaVine, dunking is not allowed. Obviously this will be a virtual tournament with players competing from their home courts.

Although these are not events that take up long periods of time, the need for an escape from the COVID-19 discussion is quite needed in this country. With that in mind, tune in to some NBA action, watch some highlights and enjoy what glimpse of sports we can get.

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