Jordan Love, O-Lineman and all things 1st Round

DISCLAIMER: I am a Packers fan.

Now that we got that out of the way, Jordan Love huh? Really Green Bay? To be clear, I have no problem with Jordan Love or the Packers even drafting a QB, I have a problem with them trading up four picks when they probably didn’t even have to. I liked the pick and I liked the player, but the circumstances made it fishy.

The last thing I will say about that situation is this: Aaron Rodgers is not Brett Favre. Rodgers cares much more about his image and will say all of the right things that Favre did not say when Aaron came to town.

Love started off well on ESPN last night saying that,”I can learn a lot from Rodgers, he is one of the GOATS.” Although Rodgers may be feeling how Favre felt in 2005, he will not act the same way, and in 3 years the crown in Green Bay will be handed from Aaron Rodgers to Jordan Love.

Next up, I want to mention the Dallas Cowboys real quick. They rarely go flashy in the first round, saving their flashy picks for later, with the exception of Zeke out of Ohio State. Normally lineman and defensive pieces are their focus, but with the pass happy Mike McCarthy at the helm now in Dallas, expect a lot more flashes like CeeDee Lamb to appear on the board in the first round for Dallas moving forward.

Subsequently, there were lots of lineman taken in the first round yesterday. Teams like the Giants, Jets and Browns all took O-Lineman to protect their young quarterbacks and protect the future of their franchises. The biggest surprise of the 1st round for lineman was Tampa Bay trading up one pick to get Tristan Wirfs who many had going #4 to New York. Tampa Bay is in a win now situation with Tom Brady and they get a plug-in lineman to protect TB12.

In two surprise falls, Isiah Simmons fell to the Arizona Cardinals at 8, and Justin Jefferson bypassed 21 teams to fall into the hands of the Minnesota Vikings. The defensive wizard in Simmons now brings a dynamic playmaker on the other side of the ball from Kyler Murray in Arizona to lead the team together. For Minnesota, they get a young dynamic receiver to replace Stefon Diggs who was shipped off to Buffalo this offseason.

Before the draft I mentioned that there were usually 5-6 trades per 1st round, with only 4 trades, most of them fairly miniscule. While I did not expect the Packers to make the biggest splash of the NFL draft, as long as Love produces at a high level, I will be alright with the pick and trust the organization. I realize we went 13-3 last year and should get Aaron Rodgers some help, but passing on Aaron Rodgers to get Favre some help in 2005 would have set GB back years, so I do not question Green Bay here.

Overall, I thought a lot of teams played safe and went with lineman, offensive and defensive, in addition to lots of key defensive skill players. Expect rounds two and three will produce more moves and more skill players flying to teams across the NFL.

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