Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

Thank you for the trips to Dick’s Sporting Goods. We didn’t need new cleats every season, but you wanted us to have the best of the best, and that meant a lot.

Thank you for the ice cream celebrations after a good night on the diamond, it made our little successes even sweeter.

Thank you for showing up to games after a long day of work. Seeing you in the bleachers made my legs feel a little less tired as we ran up and down the court.

Thank you for all the passes you have thrown us. From the front yard, to Friday night lights, they truly did help.

Thank you for the post-game talks. Whether we did well or not, you always had something positive for us, and kindly pointed out something we could work on.

Thank you for all the training sessions. Although we all knew that ending up in the pros wasn’t likely, you wanted us to have the best chance possible to reach our dreams.

Thank you for recording us, bragging about us, and posting about us on Facebook. We may have pretended to be embarrassed, but deep down we love it.

Thank you for letting us try all the sports, or only one of them. Whether we played soccer, baseball, tennis, lacrosse or football, you let us explore what we loved, no matter what you loved at our age.

Thank you for sitting through the cold, the rain, the heat and the snow to watch us. In weather that most fans wouldn’t stay in to watch a Yankees or Patriots game, you endured to watch us.

Thank you for coaching on our teams. Head coach, base coach, or offensive coordinator, it always made us feel special and excited to have our dad on the field with us.

Thank you for taking us to professional sports games. We all knew that we wouldn’t grow up to be Brett Favre or Kobe Bryant, but dreaming with us on the world’s biggest stage made playing the sports we loved even more fun.

Thank you for watching games on TV with us. Breaking down what the pros did, agreeing with us when we say “I could do that” and then laughing at the announcers who clearly never played the sport.

Thank you for helping us with the decision of where to go to school, whether or not to play college sports, and how to prioritize a future without sacrificing a love for our game.

Thank you for going to our first game and our last. None of us may have known that it would be our last game, but having you there made it a little less bitter, and a little more sweet.

And thank you for telling us stories. Whether it be stories of us, or stories of you, in the end the stories are what will last forever. When our athletic talent fades eventually fades away, it will be the memories made together that will last.

From our generation to yours, thank you for being a sports dad. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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