3 Players Make Impact in XFL, now look to NFL

There were star players on both sides of the ball for the LA Wildcats in 2020, but three players stood out on the defensive side of the ball and deserve to be highlighted ahead of the NFL Draft on April 23rd.

Linebacker Jerimiah Spicer, as well as lineman Cedric Reed and Boogie Roberts all made a significant impact not just on the field but on their teammates and coaches.

Jerimiah Spicer, who spent camp with the Wildcats, has one of the most inspirational and motivational stories you will hear in the sports world. Spicer grew up in Los Angeles with less than ideal circumstances.

Jerimiah bounced around from place to place as a child, from his mother to foster homes to his grandmother. Attending eight different high schools, Spicer could not get a consistent D1 offer because of academics. After landing in the XFL, Spicer did not stick with the Wildcats but still made his mark.

“He grew from the first day of camp to the last day of camp. What separates these professional players is minimal. He is a very energetic guy and it is amazing for football, has a great passion.” said former Wildcats defensive coordinator Pepper Johnson.

Spicer is rumored to be talking to NFL teams, including the Cowboys and this will become more evident after the NFL draft.

For Cedric Reed, University of Texas Alum, and Boogie Roberts, San Jose State Alum, they starred on defense for LA in 2020. They combined on a scoop and score that was one of the highlight plays of the XFL in 2020 a play Roberts called,”A highlight of my career.”

Reed spent about a year and a half with the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins before appearing in the XFL for LA, while Roberts spent time in training camp with the LA Rams before joining the Wildcats.

After taking a year and a half off from professional football, working a 9-5 job and training, Reed knows all too well the struggles athletes are currently having to train in quarantine.

“It was hard, man, I didn’t get much of a lunch break, things like that. It definitely taught me how to manage my time and focus my training more and now I know how to workout whenever I can and doing all the extra stuff you need to be a professional,” said Reed.

While Reed got his NFL opportunities years ago, Roberts spent time with the LA Rams in 2018, one of the most valuable experiences in his career.

“It was amazing to be in the room and on the field with Aaron Donald. He is the best defensive player in the league and my favorite player. To see what he did on the field and off the field gave me things to follow and things to improve on,” said Roberts.

Roberts and Reed both displayed their skill in LA, combining for 14 tackles each and the highlight scoop and score which was started by Reed and finished by Roberts.

“Once I knew that I only had to beat the d-lineman, I knew I was in. They weren’t gonna catch me,” said Roberts.

Whether it be with their dynamic playmaking or their dynamic energy, Boogie, Cedric, and Jerimiah would be valuable addition to any NFL roster and any locker room.

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