2020 NFL Draft: Round 1 trades and excitement

For every NFL team, Draft night is a night filled with hope, excitement, and aspirations of building a championship team. While Round 1 is often not the truest indicator of a successful draft for a ball club, their fan-base usually gets very excited by the prospects of a star player joining the squad. So before Round 1 of the 2020 NFL Draft, let’s take a look at a few teams that interest me in terms of big move possibilities and what players they could snag.

1. Miami Dolphins

Most likely the Dolphins will stay put at #5 and take either Tua or Justin Herbert. No one in the sports world currently knows which player that will be, but it will likely be one of them. However, Miami also holds the rights to pick 18 from Pittsburgh and pick 26 from Houston. With these 2 picks they could either trade up, pick with 18 and trade back with 26, or any other of a myriad of options.

Chatter seems to suggest that the Dolphins are trying to avoid trading up to get Tua by putting out noise on Herbert and want to use all their first round picks they have worked so hard to acquire, but on draft night who knows.

2. Las Vegas Raiders/Jacksonville Jaguars

These two teams have been eyeing each other for a potential trade for weeks now, and in the past 48 hours these talks have escalated. The Raiders are looking to acquire Yannick Ngakoue with a package that includes the 19th pick. The Jaguars have stalled the talks currently with the desire to get the 12th pick from Vegas in return for the star edge rusher. If the deal does go through, Jacksonville will end up with 3 first round picks to create a solid young core around Gardner Minshew.

For Las Vegas, I am not sure how much this deal makes sense. They would be giving up the extra first round pick they got from the Khalil Mack trade to Chicago to get a different edge rusher just to pay him a large amount of money. Why not just keep Mack in the first place? Who knows.

And last but not least..

3. The San Francisco 49ers.

The 49ers have the 13th and 31st picks in the 1st round. There are speculations that the 49ers will either use 31 to trade up a few picks to get their guy, whoever that may be depending on the mock draft, or there is another interesting scenario.

Some believe that San Francisco will trade out of the first round(out of pick 13 or 31) and get a 2nd round pick, a future first, and some low round pick from New England. Bill and his boys in NE need their future QB and are never afraid to make a move, which could be this.

While these are all exciting options, the first round is often not as exciting as we would like it to be. The 1st round averages about 5.5 trades per year, but they are rarely the big deals we think of or have discussed here. More often they are little trades to move up a pick or two in the late teens and early twenties. Either way, the entire sports world will be watching tonight as the first big sporting event since the COVID-19 shutdown will air tonight on ESPN, NFL Network, etc, starting at 8PM ET.

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